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table mirror tv

Imagine adding a conventional flat screen television to this magnificent décor. It would be a challenge to elect a location for the TV without subtracting from the splendor and sophistication of this room décor. Notice how our mirror TV table subtly completes the look without creating an imperfection in the graceful design of this interior.

Turn on the TV to enjoy the latest innovations in entertainment and when you are through turn off the TV to enjoy the quiet enhancement that the mirror TV table adds to the beauty of this exquisite décor. Regardless of your décor, we can customize the mirror TV table to bestow the ambiance and finished look that you see here that looks like it was made specifically to accommodate your discerning taste in décor.

The mirror TV table with nanotechnology provides you with consummate entertainment and looks like you designed the television for the room instead of the reverse.

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Product Size

TV Size Table Width Table Length Table Height
55" 35.5" 59" 29.5"

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 TableTV w/55" Samsung LED TV built-in

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