How to make your own frameless mirror TV

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Parts List

installation tools

Ultra Slim LED TV - The thinner, the better.

VanityVision TV Mirror
Microfiber cloth for cleaning glass and TV.
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) - to prevent streaking of glass when cleaning.
High Heat Ultra Black Paint - For the excess glass showing on the back of the mirror.
Black Gunther Mirror Mastic - Fast drying, strong glass glue
VHB tape - Black, 15 yards, 3/4'' wide.
Blue painters tape
Drill and screws
Razor blade
Black sharpie pen
Scrap wood

Part 1. Setting up the rig

1. Secure the TV with the wooden blocks. Measure the distance where your glass needs to sit on the TV.

Double check the measurements. You only need to set one side of your rig up with 90 degree angles. This
will ensure that the glass is perfectly aligned with the TV screen.

Your set up should be taller than the glass to guide it into place.

setup jig

finished jig

position tv mirror


Part 2. VHB Tape

1. Line the bezel of the TV with your tape. Use the razor blade to cut away excess tape. Be careful not to scratch the screen by accident.


tape tv


2. Find the location of the IR sensor and leave it tape free.

tv infrared


Part 3. Cleaning glass and peeling off the VHB tape

1. Clean the glass and TV with your microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

2. Peel all VHB tape.

3. Observe what is the front and back of the glass. The front of the glass will be facing out.

4. Line your glass up with the two 90 degree angles. If possible have some help when properly lining up the glass. Drop the glass when ready.

clean glass

set mirror tv


Part 4. Mirror mastic and painters tape

1. Flip over the TV. Use the black gunther mirror mastic to line the space from the mirror to the TV. Leave no open spaces.

Completely seal the glass to the TV. Let the mirror mastic dry for 3 hours.

2.When finished line the TV with painters tape just above the bezel.


glue mirror tv

tape mirror tv

let glue dry

Part 5. Spray paint

1. When the painters tape is completely covering the TV you can start spraying the with your high heat ultra black paint.

Allow two hours for drying.

black spraypaint


Part 5. Testing the TV

1. Remove all tape and hang the TV using a standard TV wall mount. 


hang mirror tv


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