VanityVision Bathroom Mirror

High quality for your vanity TV project.

The VanityVision mirror is ideal for use as a large vanity mirror in your bathroom project. It reflects 70% of the light, for a brilliant reflection that people can use while putting on makeup or shaving. 25% of the light is transmitted through the mirror for a vivid picture quality that will amaze people.

Standard Sheet Size
  63" x 84"

Custom Size Price Quote
 Height - Max 84"  Width - Max 126" Units Tempering Edges  
Tempering increases the strength 10x, but creates a wavy reflection.

Standard seamed vs polished edge. We recommend polished edges for unframed installations and seamed edges for framed installations where the edge won't be seen.

Dielectric Bedroom / Living Room Mirror

Like magic, the mirror transforms into vivid HDTV.

Our Dielectric mirror is ideal for bedroom and living room use, where the main purpose of the mirror TV is for viewing and you want your full HD quality. With our competitors products, you get a tinted mirror which causes you to lose a significant amount of brightness and picture quality. We have specially designed the Dielectric mirrors using nanotechnology to be optically color neutral and allow a maximum amount of light through. Most sizes are in stock and ship immediately. 

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Dielectric Mirror Price Calculator
 Height - Max 84"  Width - Max 126" Units Tempering Edges  

Standard Sheet Size
  49" x 70"
Dielectric Mirror Sizes
1/2" Larger than viewable area on all sides. Installation instructions.
Mirror Size Fits TV Size Price  
20.25" x 11.75" 22" $248.29 Add To Cart
24.5" x 14.75" 26" $376.43 Add To Cart
29.25" x 17.25" 32" $625.59 Add To Cart
32.4" x 18.6" 36" $727.75 Add To Cart
36.5" x 20.5" 40" $879.43 Add To Cart
37.6" x 21.6" 42" $946.00 Add To Cart
41" x 23.5" 46" $1103.65 Add To Cart
42" x 24" 47" $1150.00 Add To Cart
42.875" x 24.5" 48" $1194.21 Add To Cart
44.6" x 25.5" 50" $1284.69 Add To Cart
49" x 28" 55" $1529.17 Add To Cart
53.3" x 30.4" 60" $1784.86 Add To Cart
57.75" x 32.6" 65" $1799.95 Add To Cart
62" x 35.25" 70" $1799.95 Add To Cart
66.4" x 37.75" 75" $1799.95 Add To Cart
70" x 40.25" 80" $1799.95 Add To Cart
79.5" x 45.25" 90" $5750.00 Add To Cart
$100 flat rate shipping within continental USA


Optional DIY Accessories


Back-coat the mirror to make the TV blend in.

We have developed a special kind of felt which allows you to coat the back of the mirror to match the screen when it's turned off. This will make installation easy for a custom project where the mirror is larger than the viewable area of the TV. The felt comes in 60" wide rolls.

Custom Size Felt
 Width  Length Units  

Standard Felt Size
6" x 6" Sample $0.95 Add To Cart
36" x 60" $49.95 Add To Cart
72" x 60" $99.95 Add To Cart


Mirror Accessories
Product Price  
Mirror Clip $4.95 Add To Cart
High Heat Ultra Black Paint $14.95 Add To Cart
Gunther Mirror Mastic - Black $24.95 Add To Cart
VHB Tape - Black, 15 yards, 3/4" wide $69.95 Add To Cart

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